Improving quality of 3D prints in few steps – part 2

Improving the quality of 3D prints

Part 2
In the previous article I described you simple way how to change your prints with the help of a cosmetic milling machine or if you prefer a cordless screwdriver. I would like to get a better surface effect of the element so that it is practically perfect. For this purpose, I used a UV lamp, of course, the cosmetic used by my wife to cure nails and nail polish, i hope after this articile i will still live, you know what i mean?. I will show you a brief instruction on how to use it. My wife helped me as a professional in this subject 🙂 

Tools 🙂
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Cleaning the surface and applying varnish

To begin with it is necessary to clean the whole of all kinds of dust and dirt. So that they do not stick to the rinse aid. This is necessary because I previously grinded the model and there was a lot of dust.

Then apply a thin layer of rinse aid to the surfaces with the brush provided. Remember to leave one side dry so that you can put a UV irradiation detail on it. We put the dry part in the detail and turn on the lamp for about 60s. After this time the surface is cured. This operation should be repeated twice so that the whole is properly covered.
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The detail surface we improve in this way looks much better. I think it is a simple and cheap way to get really good print quality from a cheap 3D printer.
Check for yourself if it works for you and rate. If you do not have a lamp and a cosmetic milling machine, this is the perfect gift for you or your wife 😉 . And you can always use it later for prints.

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