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With us you will realize your every idea! with low financial outlays. We specialize in designing production machinery and equipment, 3D scanning, 3D printing, programming focused on supporting industry and design processes as well as broadly understood design and technical consulting. We work with dozens of freelancers from around the world and people working in various industries.



Show us your Idea, we do for you analysis, reaserch and costs

Project phase

from A to Z full project with necessery documentation

Functional prototype

Preparing fully functional prototype witch can be implemented on production
  • 3D prin

3D Printing

With us you can print absolutely any kind of plastic elements. We have FDM, SLA, SLS technology, we operate on professional devices. Depending on the needs and application, we provide our services in several variants: eco, standard, quality. Color, type of material, properties depend on individual inquiry and 3D printing methods.

What is 3D printing?  3D printing is a method of producing elements from plastics, metals, composites and many other materials in an incremental way, ie “layer by layer”. The technique of 3D printing in additive technology was invented in the 1980s and was patented as stereolithography. There are currently dozens of 3D printing methods, each method has its purpose, pros and cons. 3D printing is most often used to make prototypes as a cheaper and faster alternative to other production methods.

  • Skanowanie 3D

3D Scanning

We scan objects and components for production as well as for your hobby needs. We operate on Einscan, HP david SLS scanners and for very large architectural objects we use photogrammetry techniques. We also make scans for the purposes of quality control or mapping the original shape of the deformed element.
What is 3D scanning? 3D scanning is a technology of digital collection of information about the shape of a three-dimensional object and based on the scale and algorithm of giving it appropriate dimensions close to real. 3D scanning is used in reverse engineering, prototyping, quality control, prosthetics, industrial design and many other industries. 3D scanning is a time-consuming process that requires specialist knowledge of the operation of scanners, their operation, and knowledge of CAD programs.

  • Projektowanie CAD

Tooling, machines etc.

We specialize in the design of technological and research equipment, mainly for mass production, quality control and testing. We also carry out projects of injection molds from A to Z, multi-nest, hot channel, two-level injection molds etc. We also design equipment for sheet metal forming (stamping), multi-stroke stamping dies, blanking dies, hand presses, hand benders and many other production equipment.
What is design? Designing is a complex and multi-threaded creative process which results in solving a problem and satisfying the needs. In the design process, we can use any methods, techniques, knowledge, experience, devices etc. to get the final product (solve the problem). Often the final model does not resemble the original outline or idea. We can safely say that the design process consists in 80% of the thought phase and 20% of the final form creation phase.


  • Wzornictwo przemysłowe

Industrial design

We design toys, devotional articles, components for RC models and much more. We design armchairs, office elements, and inflatable playgrounds. In addition to each project, we make appropriate product presentations, documentation, and BOM lists.
What is industrial design? Industrial design is nothing but a design process focused on developing products for mass production. It is a development aimed at enriching material culture by constantly improving the aesthetics and functionality of everyday objects.

  • Outsourcing


Technical consultancy, preparation of patent documentation for Polish and European applicants, Programming oriented support of production processes, Parametric models – file libraries, digitization of technical documentation, Training in the field of 3D printing, Office training, Training for the automotive industry and much more services that will allow you pursue your own business without any problems.

  • Outsourcing

Open source projects

FDM 3D printers, SLA 3D printers, SLS 3D printers, software, scripts, specialized applications and much more, join our team and support open source projects! or write to us and present your own ‘open’ project, we will support the project with knowledge, experience and own production.


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