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Disinfectant dispenser – design and implementation

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Today I would like to present a project of a disinfectant liquid dispenser created together with STATUM. Made to adapt to the current sanitary situation and help comply with all standards. It will go on sale in the near future, we will certainly inform you about it then.

Disinfectant dispenser

It is a simple device designed to apply the liquid used for disinfection to a person's hands. By the way, the device was supposed to have an aesthetic appearance typical of industrial design.

We had some major assumptions about him. It was to be easy to use, standing and operated with a foot. It was also necessary that it was made of stainless steel. So that it can also be used outdoors.
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Presentation of the dispenser concept

We have created several suggestions. We wanted to include all our assumptions in them as well as possible. We made all the elements so that they could be as simple as possible. For this purpose, the whole thing has been designed to eliminate welding. As we used stainless steel, this method of joining elements is problematic and expensive. It is much better to use screws to tighten the elements. So the whole thing is a little cheaper and easier to make.
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Final dispenser design

The final version created by us combines all our assumptions. It is equipped with a liquid pump and a bottle adapted to the entire structure. Everything works and does its job completely.
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