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Technical consulting, digitization of documentation, programming

and related services focused on supporting your company.

Our many years of professional experience have enabled the development of many projects that you can find in the projects tab. We provide assistance in the field of product development, concept development up to the production phase, digitization of technical documentation, production planning. We also support large R&D projects, including the preparation of EU applications for this type of subsidies.

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We provide a contract with full confidentiality and the transfer of all intellectual property rights. We provide ready documentation in electronic and paper form. By choosing us, you choose the guarantee of timeliness and execution of the order.
  • Clear quotation

  • Up to date

  • Reliability

  • Support at every stage

Digitization of technical documentation - from 5 EUR / drawing

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Digitization of technical documentation

Documentation digitalization is becoming more and more used, first of all many projects implemented to this day are found in old technical drawings, often made by hand. As part of the digitization service, we provide:

  • preparation of 3D models based on the documentation provided
  • preparation of 2D documentation, fully dimensioned in accordance with the documentation provided, or dimensioned in accordance with GD&T at the customer's request
  • On request, preparation of the DFMEA product with determination of the severity coefficient for individual dimensions.

DELIVERY TIME: to be determined

Analysis and optimization of production processes - individual valuation

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Analysis and optimization of production processes

Continuity of production and its optimization is currently extremely important due to the growing competition, and thus the need to reduce production costs, increase production volume and constantly improve the product. As part of the service we provide:

  • Process analysis based on information received from the customer (product type, purpose, possessed machine facilities etc.)
  • Process optimization in terms of quality and production costs
  • Preparation of the full report
  • Preparation of necessary files (e.g. machine codes, workplace drawings, flow chart, so-called "flow chart", production process diagram from A to Z)
  • Help with implementation

IMPLEMENTATION TIME: to be determined.

Programming for the industry - individual valuation

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Programming: scripts, generators for industry

We deal with programming focused on the needs and signals of the broadly defined industry. We carry out all kinds of scripts, macros, generators to improve the work of designers, technologists and quality controllers. We also make applications supporting production, logistics and administrative processes. As part of the service you receive:

  • Presentation of the quote within 7 business days with a solution concept
  • Determining any necessary program parameters
  • Preparation of programs in the BETA version and implementation of the test version
  • Program testing in production conditions for a minimum period of 30 days
  • Preparation of the final version of the program including test results
  • Service training
  • Updates and technical support for 1 year

IMPLEMENTATION TIME: to be determined