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Replacement of the heating block in Ender 3

Stainless, beryllium, bronze or maybe aluminum ...

Hey, Day like every day, you have to get your feet dirty, and since I recently made several upgrades in the Ender 3 printer, I have already gained experience and now I replace and check the next elements.

I would like to describe to you what new I currently have in my Ender 3. I searched the internet to find something that can improve the quality of prints, because this is all the TITAN AERO but I am looking for the WOW effect. I came across other than I currently have (standard) heating blocks. Nominally an aluminum block is used in the extruder, although this can be wrong, so I decided to change it to a copper block (I think ???). I found that this may affect the quality of the prints due to thermal conductivity in the materials. I decided to buy one, I horribly spent the whole PLN 22 so, unfortunately, but my budget has been depleted and this month I can do nothing but eat water. I will present to you today what the exchange of this element looked like 🙂
Bought heating block 🙂
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Replacement and calibration🙂

Begin all work by downloading the currently mounted version with the aluminum block. The three elements, nozzle, Teflon tube and Head Throat can be used for the new configuration. However, I decided to replace all the elements.

When we have everything ready, everything should be assembled into one element. Remember to tighten the whole with sufficiently strong force so that between the throat and the nozzle there is no slack through which filament can escape.

Then screw the whole to the heat sink and mount the thermocouple and heater. You have to remember to screw them on so that they do not slip out during printing, but not too tight so as not to damage them by compression force.
At the moment when we have everything set, I encourage you to carry out the PID configuration. As we have several variables here, these parameters should be set again. I described how to do this in an earlier article. link below.

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heating block - aluminum vs brass 

I decided to compare two configurations. I did it very simply. I started the Repetier program, connected the printer and set the temperature at 200 ° C on the heater. All that's left is to observe the graph and the time at which the set temperature stabilizes.
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As can be seen in the chart in this version, after 9 minutes of heating, the temperature value is not perfectly stabilized. This may result in poorer print quality. The heating speed up to the set temperature is similar to that of a copper block, but as I mentioned earlier, the temperature stabilization itself is hmm .... not very perfect
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However, in the new version with a copper heating block, after 2min 30sec the temperature will stabilize and as you can see its fluctuations are not noticeable on the chart. Stable printing temperature has a positive effect on printouts. Certainly their quality will improve.

Summary of heating block replacement on the Ender 3 

- significant reduction of head heating time,
- stable temperature during printing,
- low modification cost

- I don't think so 🙂
The low price + the actual improvement in the temperature stabilization of the heating block is worth replacing, I do not know how it will work on printouts, but it is optimistic. As soon as I start some printouts, I will commend it and put some pictures here

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