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Creality CR-10s 3D printer

Would I buy it again? Let's find out!

Its current cost (about 450USD) and the ability to print elements on a 300x300mm work table are definitely impressive. In combination with a maximum print height of up to 400mm, they give a decent machine for precise printing of large size elements. However, it is very important to properly calibrate the device, which underlies any decent 3D printout. 

As with any FDM printer, half the success is the first layer, i.e. adhesion. Some filaments adhere better to the glass, others worse. However, I have two reliable ways: ASTRA stick paper glue (PLA, PET-G, TPU) and the famous glass destroyer I have been using for several months – HEGRON hair gel (ABS stick like crazy!). Glue and gel are simple, cheap and tested ways for satisfactory adhesion and ... chipped table glass! – it is better to wait until the glass has cooled down completely 🙂

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Creality CR-10s is simple to build and comes in a package that’s almost 90% assembled. However, I recommend checking all factory components, cables, screws and nuts. There are cases of loose bolts, poorly adjusted clearances between the rollers and guides, and badly connected wires on the motherboard for the fan cooling the head. I realized after a week (and a dozen or so failed first prints) that the main fan was not working. The wrong polarity of the cables in the fan plug al most drove me crazy! Only a well-calibrated printer will allow you to enjoy its full potential.

Due to the lack of automatic leveling of the table, the printer is not maintenance-free and for people starting their adventure with FDM printing it can cause some problems. The case is not facilitated by the glass attached to the set, the surface of which in many cases (e.g. in mine) is slightly concave in the central area. Printing large components with a large surface of the first layer directly on the glass is almost unavailable. The cheapest countermeasure option is to buy a 300x300mm (310x310mm) mirror, which significantly improves the quality of the first layer and basically solves the main problem of the printer. 

What's the best thing about CR-10s? A huge number of its users! This translates directly into a very large number of upgrades for self printing. Starting from the table leveling knobs, through belt tensioners, additional covers and structural reinforcements, extruder and head elements, ending with dozens of cooling solutions. Users are even outdoing each other in creating new improvements.

Advantages of Creality CR-10s:
  • large 300x300x400 print workspace;
  • high print quality; 
  • heated work table (built-in MOSFET); 
  •  two motors and Z-axis trapezoidal screws; • satisfactory print speed; 
  •  possibility of printing various materials (PLA, PET-G, ABS, TPU, WOOD, HIPS); 
  •  a huge number of users and a lot of upgrades ready for independent printing.
  •  high print quality;
  • heated work table (built-in MOSFET);
  • two motors and Z-axis trapezoidal screws;
  • satisfactory print speed;
  • possibility of printing various materials (PLA, PET-G, ABS, TPU, WOOD, HIPS);
Disadvantages of Creality CR-10s:
  • poor quality worktable glass (lack of sufficient flatness); 
  • no automatic table leveling; 
  • there are cases of incorrect connection of the cables with the control board; 
  • loud standard fans; 
  • the control panel is not integrated with the body of the printer, thus the printer takes up a lot of space; 
  • the control board has integrated step sticks, no easy replacement for quieter stepper motor controllers; 
  • no belt tensioners; 
  • connection cables chaos.

Creality CR-10S 2 years expirence

From the perspective of a 2-year-old user, I notice that it was a very good purchase. Creality CR-10s is my first printer, it allows me to print small and large elements as well as large dimensions with high quality. All functions were efficient over the entire period of use. Imperfections that appeared, stimulated my creativity to develop various improvements and facilitations. The design of the printer allows easy expansion with new functions and possibilities. This, combined with quite low price, makes me sure that I would buy it again.

Have you got same problem? or maybe You want to buy CR-10S. I invite You to comment and open discussion

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